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About Bowers Law Baltimore

Auto Accident Personal Injury Law Services at Their Finest

Bowers Law, LLC, was founded by Attorney Jobeth R. Bowers in 2014. At that time, his sole office was in Elkton, Maryland. Today, he also has a second office in Baltimore. While it too deals with cases of work-related injury, medical malpractice, and other matters of law, the Baltimore office is specifically focused on one thing: providing personal injury legal counsel and representation for people living in and around Baltimore who’ve been involved in an auto accident. To help people remember this, especially in the traumatic moments after an accident occurs, Jobeth coined the name MD Crash and created this website,

The lawyers of Bowers Law Baltimore are committed to helping auto accident victims recover as best they can from the pain and suffering of any injuries they received. We also help them recover the loss of any wages incurred over the course of their physical and emotional recovery. And we do this as efficiently and affordably as possible.

The key to success in these cases – and what auto accident victims throughout Maryland most appreciate about Bowers Law Baltimore – is our insistence on constant communication.

We listen to our clients.

We stay thoroughly engaged with them – and keep them engaged with us throughout the legal process, always apprising them of where their cases stand.

We get to know our clients. And we let them know that we care about their progress in recovering from their injuries. In that regard, we regularly monitor their progress and the types of treatment they receive. This often proves crucial in our investigation of an accident and our preparation for trial, should a trial be necessary.

In criminal defense cases, we routinely investigate and interview witnesses. We also conduct ongoing consultations with clients either in our Baltimore office or, if clients are incarcerated and unable to make bail, via regular jail visits.

Our Baltimore office takes great pride in investigating all cases, whether they revolve around personal injury or matters of criminal defense. We begin every case under the assumption that it will ultimately go to trial. This requires our staff to invest a lot of time ferreting out the facts of a case early on. But the result of our thoroughness is that we’re incredibly prepared to go to trial when the time comes.

Of course, not every case goes to trial. Those that do, however, benefit mightily from Attorney Jobeth Bowers’ legal knowledge and experience. Backed as well by our staff’s thorough case investigation, he has an excellent record of settling cases favorably.

That comes as no surprise to those who know him. Bowers has been taking cases to trial since he was in law school. While still a student at the University of Baltimore School of Law, he handled a variety of cases in District and Circuit Courts alike under the Rule 16 law student clinic program, and he became the first law student ever to handle a trial by jury in Maryland’s Cecil County.

If you’re the victim of an auto accident, you can’t do better in Baltimore – or all of Maryland, for that matter – than to hire Baltimore’s own MD Crash attorneys. Call 410-975-7000 or otherwise contact Bowers Law Baltimore today.